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Friday, November 6, 2009

You are probably from Lethbridge if...

This is for all past and present residents of Lethbridge.

You are probably from Lethbridge if....

1. You know what it is like to wake up to -5 degree weather but enjoy a +20 degree day
2. You know what a coulee is...but still find it difficult to explain
3. You know that a Tarleck Tub has nothing to do with bathing
4. You know what a Hutterite is and see at least one every Thursday
5. You don't find it unusual to see more Mormon churches than Tim Horton's in a city
6. You think that bad traffic means getting home in 20 minutes instead of 10
7. You think that it's funny to tell people you are a Lethbian
8. You know exactly what a farm smells like even though you have never lived on one
9. When you say you are going to the mall, everyone knows what mall you are talking about
10. When you go to that mall, you always see someone you know
11. You hate, despise, and curse the wind with every bone in your body
12. You don't think Whoop Up Drive is an odd name for a road

If anyone of you is a Lethbian, feel free to add more to the list!


Krista said...

I giggled when I read these, and I'm not even from Lethbridge.
Whoop Up Drive is the funniest road name I've ever heard, and I've watched you try to explain what a coulee is before -hilarious.
I love it when you post, how nice.
Love, K

David said...

Lindsay, this made me laugh out loud. I resonate with your coulee remark, I breathe a sigh of relief when the conversation comes up and my fellow conversant says, "oh ya, I know what a coulee is!" Phew...difficult convo avoided. I can't think of more Lethbianisms, but if I do...I know where to come!


Whit said...

haha, these are funny! And what's so weird about Whoop Up Drive?! Oh, and was that you that I saw at the mall today? haha

Dad said...

You know your from Lethbridge when you can only recommend a 100 year old bridge as the top tourist destination, as for a second choice your mind draws a blank.