In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I remember sitting in a highschool classroom in a couple of years ago listening to a presentation on Redeemer that consisted of telling us how great the food plan was, and thinking to myself "I am never going to go there!" I don't usually like to be wrong, but this is one instance where I am blessed to have been so off the mark. It is funny how we plan our lives to go in the direction we think is best and we get radically turned around and experience something beyond what we could have imagined for ourselves.

Dealing with change has never been my strong point but I took a step of faith and came out to Ontario, hoping and praying for the best. I came to Redeemer not knowing what to expect but having a lot of doubts. Would I make friends? Could I live with 7 other girls? Will I learn anything? Is the food plan really that great?

It seems like just yesterday that I got off the plane to embark on this new adventure away from everything familiar, but now here I am, sitting back at home. The school year passed by so quickly but I will always remember this time for the wonderful memories and the invaluable lessons. I have met some of the most genuine and caring people and am proud to call them my friends. I lived with 7 amazing and unique girls who taught me so much by simply being different from me. The community that surrounded me blessed me in immeasurable ways, with ample amounts of laughter and people to challenge me in my thinking and beliefs.

Being at Redeemer taught me more about myself than I ever expected. I learned that change is an absolute necessity in life. As much as readjusting is hard, it gives you a whole new perspective on life. I realize that life is not always about structure and planning and sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches. I learned that there are endless opportunities in this world and that I am not confined in what I can do by only thinking of what I have already done. I would like to think that I have become more responsible as well, but I guess that is up for debate. I have also learned that recruiting students on the merits of the food plan should be considered false advertising.

As much as I loved my time spent at Redeemer, the time has come for me to leave that place behind. God puts some things in our lives for seasons and others for lifetimes, and I guess my studies at Redeemer were only meant to be one part on my journey. However, I know that the relationships I have made and the things I have learned will stay with me beyond seasons and years. I have come home with much of the same attitude that I first went to Redeemer with, not knowing what lies ahead of me, but hoping for the best. I have wonderful friends and family and it is great to be with them again, but it is still hard to say good-bye. Instead I will say see you later. Farewell Redeemer. Farewell friends. May you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No More Licorice

I would like to make a new law. It would go something like "Thou shalt not use twizzlers to whip, violently strike or assualt in any other fashion, unless of course, someone strikes you first." I learned today first hand that while twizzlers may seem like a fun innocent snack, they stinkin hurt. And leave imprints. And make you bleed. Although they make a good alternative for those of us who can't do the towel whipping thing, in the wrong hands, things could get dangerous. Not my hands of course. I am a responsible licorice user and only retaliate when necessary. In my opinion, licorice should only be used as candy to be eaten...or as a straw to drink your juice because we all did it as kids and it was fun. When else can you eat your straw when you are done?

On a completely unrelated note, I was watching the American Idol special Idol Gives Back, after searching for it on the internet for an hour, and the contestants finished the show singing "Shout to the Lord." Does anyone else find that weird?