In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Gym Halo Ocean Jesus

The guilt of letting down all my faithful blogger readers (or reader...thanks Mom!) has finally gotten to me and so here I am once again, trying to find something to blog about.

My summer is shaping up to be pretty similar to last summer, working full time at Blocks and Rocks Landscaping Centre as a receptionist. However there are two very note-worthy differences.

#1. I have my very own business cards. A beautiful green colour. Apparently I am not good enough for it to say what I do...but my name is on there. I even give them out for free.

#2. Keeping with the green theme, I now have a reliable form of transportation, which I henceforth dub The Green Machine. It is a beautiful green Chrysler mini-van with room for 7 complete with a large dent in the side. It's a sport edition too yet. The best part is its fuel efficiency...costing me $80 or more to fill it up. The Green Machine replaces the now defunct Firebird (aka The F-bomb)whose broken windshield wipers, unreliable headlights, leaky windows, broken de-frost, constant shaking and sometimes-starting-engine will be sorely missed.

Besides work, my summer has consisted of hanging out with friends, watching Jordan play soccer, going to the gym with Whitney and playing Halo with Jordan at his new house. I am proud to say I can now kill him approximately 4 times when he is trying his absolute hardest. Going to the gym has allowed me to discover my fondness for steam rooms. They are wonderfully refreshing and you should all try one sometime.

Speaking of refreshing, I also had my very first professional massage this summer when I went to Tofino on Vancouver Island with my family and Jordan. It was pretty fantastic. It was also my first time seeing the ocean which was amazing and incredibly informative with a biology textbook boyfriend by your side. Everything was beautiful...the rainforest, the starfish, the natural hot springs, the whales we never got to see on our whale watching tour, the oysters the boys poached off the rocks and the crabs they all killed for supper. All in all, it was a great time.

That is pretty much it for vacation time, although this past Sunday, my parents, Betsy and I went to the Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller. It is a 3 hour play about Jesus' life in a natural outdoor ampitheater in the middle of the hodoos and the badlands so it resembles ancient Judea and Jerusalem. They really strive to make it realistic, with the costumes, hair and even live horses and donkeys. They have a choir and band sitting behind you providing the soundtrack and the actors move all around the hodoos and into the crowd. It is hard to explain how amazing it is, so you should all go there at one point in your life...or at least check out their website .

That is my summer so far. If you are reading this from Ontario, I probably miss you. If you are reading this from Alberta, it has been good to be home. If you are reading this from somewhere else, I probably don't know you. Have a blessed summer!

P.S. It is my birthday in a week.