In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commercial Degredation

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I like to waste time by watching TV. I kind of like TV although I know its not the most productive use of my time. I usually don't mind the commercials either, unless they involve an old lady saying "Enterprise rent a car? Sounds Expensive!" However, last week I came across some commercials for Reebok Easy Tone Shoes and I decided I didn't like them either, but for very different reasons. Here are three of them...I will let you judge for yourself.

Something to think about: YouTube requires you to be 18 years of age to watch these videos, but they are on TV for anyone to see.

Friday, November 6, 2009

You are probably from Lethbridge if...

This is for all past and present residents of Lethbridge.

You are probably from Lethbridge if....

1. You know what it is like to wake up to -5 degree weather but enjoy a +20 degree day
2. You know what a coulee is...but still find it difficult to explain
3. You know that a Tarleck Tub has nothing to do with bathing
4. You know what a Hutterite is and see at least one every Thursday
5. You don't find it unusual to see more Mormon churches than Tim Horton's in a city
6. You think that bad traffic means getting home in 20 minutes instead of 10
7. You think that it's funny to tell people you are a Lethbian
8. You know exactly what a farm smells like even though you have never lived on one
9. When you say you are going to the mall, everyone knows what mall you are talking about
10. When you go to that mall, you always see someone you know
11. You hate, despise, and curse the wind with every bone in your body
12. You don't think Whoop Up Drive is an odd name for a road

If anyone of you is a Lethbian, feel free to add more to the list!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sanitation Explanation

Last week I saw someone fist pump a person they were meeting for the first time. While it may be premature to predict the death of the handshake, it is a sure sign of the times. Or just a sign of flu season. While flu season doesn't usually hit until October, many people prepare for its coming in advance. Usually I am ignorant of these preparations but the whole H1N1 thing you may have heard of is a little difficult to escape. My friends living in caves and under rocks have even heard the news and have decided to stay in their caves and under their rocks.

The reality of the pandemic concerns first hit me on my first day of school this year. The University of Lethbridge installed hundreds and hundreds of hand sanitizer stations. You can probably only go twenty feet in the halls without seeing another one of these little things hanging off the walls or standing at the bottom of a staircase. Now because variety is the spice of life, the university has installed two different kinds of sanitizers. Based on my personal experience, not all hand sanitizers are created equal. While I am sure that they are all effective in killing the evil H1N1 germs on our hands, we all know that is not what is important in selecting a sanitizer.

Sanitizer basically comes in two types: gel or foam. While gel has certain advantages, such as drying faster, it generally just doesn't smell as nice. It carries a distinctive alcohol smell so I guess on the plus side you know you smell really clean. Foam on the other hand seems to come in a variety of smells. My personal favourite is Bath and Body's Warm Vanilla Sugar. I would equate it to Christmas on your hands. Another upside of foam is that it seems to be more likely to come in automatic dispensers. Very convenient for those of us to lazy to give that little push. On the downside, one website warns that scented sanitizers can be tempting to taste. They recommend not giving into that temptation. Apparently, sanitizers can be poisonous if ingested and I don't think people dying is congruent with the aims of the H1N1 campaign.

Personally I am a little obsessive about using the hand sanitizer. I think my hands are permanently cracked and dry from alcohol absorption. At this rate, the likelihood of me contracting alcohol poisoning exceeds that of coming down with H1N1. Based on a scientific study of myself, I would say that sanitizer is 100% effective in preventing infection.

Now for a completely random aside.

Interesting fact (if you are a history nerd): In war statistics, did you know there is a difference between the number of casualties and the number of war dead? Casualties are the number of dead and injured while war dead is pretty self explanatory. Every time someone gets injured, it counts as another casualty. So if someone loses a leg at one time, and an arm at another time, and then dies in battle, they count for three casualties and one war dead.

I just knew you were all dying to know that. A good conversation starter perhaps?